+ Where is Vietnam Venture Summit organised?

The Summit will be held across two tracks in two cities: the Policy track in Hanoi and Technology track in Ho Chi Minh.

+ What is the Vietnam Venture Summit about?

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, the Vietnam Venture Summit will be a highly curated and impactful programme involving top-tier founders, active VCs, government officials, and global investors. As a rising star of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the perfect setup for the summit.

Our desire is to bridge the Vietnamese startup scene with a global investor audience, and create dialogue between Vietnamese founders and the rest of the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

+ Where can I collect my ticket?

Tickets will be in the form of badges and can be collected on site in Hanoi or HCMC at conferencr registration. Please make sure you received a conifrmation email from our invite system, . Registration starts at 8am.

+ How can I become a sponsor?

Glad that you have interest, please email winnie@goldengate.vc.

+ Where are the best co-working spaces?

We've partnered with a few great co-working spaces in Vietnam, these include: UP, Toong and CirCo.

+ Where are the best coffee spots?

Vietnam is one of the best places on earth to get coffee with its century old history with caffeine. While you can get your usual latte or americano fix at any Western cafe, we'd recommend the Ca Phe Sua Da - which is a signature coffee press over a layer of syrupy condensed milk stirred up with ice - usually available at every local coffee stand.

+ What is the weather like in Vietnam?

Outdoor temperature ranges between 28' to 35' C so expect some heat (and stay hydrated). Hanoi will feel warmer than HCM. Keep an umbrella handy as drizzles and showers are common in June (Monsoon season is Jun - Sept). The air may be humid outside, but the venue gets chilly, so remember to bring something to keep your warm indoors!

+ Do I need a Visa?

Most likely. Many countries will need a visa on arrival to enter Vietnam.

Here's a list of countries that do not require a Visa.

The process can be tedious, but it’s necessary nonetheless. Make sure you start this process a couple of weeks before you travel at the latest. We recommend using these service in order to help expedite the process on arrival: VietnamsVisa.com and MyVietnamVisa.com.

+ Do I need to book my own ticket from Hanoi to HCMC?

Yes, travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City will be self-guided, which means you'll need to arrange your own flights, and transport to/from airoprts.

We recommend arriving late Sunday evening (9 June) and departing early on Thursday (13 June) to attend the full itinerary.


+ If I'm interested to join, can I come as delegate only or I must join the pitching session too?

All startups have to apply through the signup sheet at https://forms.gle/2i6kc1V1xrjAGpn89. Shortlisted startups will each receive up to 2 passes for co-founders to attend the Summit. Startups chosen for the pitch will also be given 2 passes to attend.

+ What are the pitching session about?

The pitching sessions are organized to give Vietnamese startups of all stages exposure to investors from across the region. Interested startups have to fill in the application form at https://forms.gle/2i6kc1V1xrjAGpn89 by 22 May, 2019, and the founders with the best pitch and potential will be chosen for the pitching session on the summit day in front of hundreds of delegates.

Pitch participants will be selected in the first week of June.


+ Do I need a Visa to enter Vietnam?

As of January 2019, we suggest referring to the link here to find out: https://www.myvietnamvisa.com/vietnam-visa-exemption.html

+ What should I expect at customs?

Do factor in buffer time for long airport queues. The visa application queues in Vietnam are especially notorious, and you could be kept waiting up to 3 hours on arrival in the airport.

If possible, book an appointment with your GP a few weeks before you travel to find out which travel vaccinations you are due.